The Summit is the biggest of heaters

It heats over 290m2 and has one of the largest fireboxes in its class

There are 2 designs to choose from:

Summit wood heater on Legs

Summit wood heater on Pedestal

Then there are the features…

  • Takes a massive 450mm ( 18′) long log
  • Burns all night long : 12+ hours easily
  • Has a durable cast iron door that never warps
  • Has a simple door handle that is soo smooth to operate
  • The air control has over 175mm ( 7″) of adjustment
  • AND the air enters the firebox at 3 points
    • over the glass to keep the glass clean
    • directly into the fire, just like bellows
    • and through the baffle to ensure complete combustion
  • the baffle is made from stainless AND and has a 10 year warranty
  • fully firebricked lined


  • 10 years on firebox
  • 10 years on baffle
  • 3 years on everything else


  • fan with automatic start ( and stop )
  • ash dump


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  • Height 737mm
  • Width 648mm
  • Depth 600mm


  • Rear 175mm
  • Side 250mm
  • Corner 150mm


  • Heating 290m2
  • Efficiency 64%
  • Emissions 1.1grms
  • Burn time 12+ hours

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