The Neo 2.5 is Australia’s most popular wood heater

Why? Well it’s tested and proven to be Australia’s most efficient wood heater – and at 82%.. the Neo 2.5  will burn up to 3 trailer loads of wood less per year that most wood heaters

This alone makes this heater brilliant…but its only the start, the Neo 2.5 is packed with features


  • it’s the perfect height when relaxing on the couch, you can see straight into the fire
  • then there’s the colors.. no more back only options, you can choose from vitreous enamel color sides of Red, Ivory or Black

Then there is the performance

  • Heats over 280m2
  • Burns 12+ Hours on a full load of wood
  • Has extremely low emissions ( Smoke ) at only 0.7gms per every Kg of wood you burn
  • and its efficient at 75%

THEN… there’s the features…

  • Solid cast iron door, with knife edge seal ( guaranteed to seal tight every time )
  • leaver door handle, soo easy to open and close the door
  • fully firebricked lined, no exposed steel means a longer life expectancy
  • an ash dump and ash tray, for easy cleaning
  • very clean fire, with air entering the firebox in 3 positions means your fire burns clean
  • a stainless steel baffle – with a 10 year warranty on the baffle
  • EBT2 – a built in draught breaker to ensure your heater will burn right no matter how windy it is outside
  • an optional fan that automatically turns off and on


Then there the warranty

  • 10 year warranty on the firebox
  • 10 year warranty on the baffle (the ONLY heater that offers this )
  • 3 year warranty on everything else, including the glass, seals etc


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  • Height 1,040mm
  • Width 740mm
  • Depth 622mm


  • rear 100mm
  • Side 300mm
  • Corner 80mm


  • Efficiency 82%
  • Emissions 1gms
  • Burns 12+hours ( easily ) on a full load of wood
  • Heats 250+m2


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