The Neo Wood heater by Pacific Energy is built to really perform.

This heater has been designed not only to give you very long over night burn times, but also gives you Less Duct in the room by its unique side mounted fans

The Fans ( yes there are 2 of them )  on the Neo are mounted on the side of the heater, this means they do not suck up the dust from your hearth and spread it across the room like most other inbuilt wood heaters

AND the fans have an Automatic mode : this means they only turn on when the heater is hot

AND… they are soo easy to access – no screwdriver needed to clean them

The fans are only one unique feature : the neo 2.5 also offers :

  • Stainless Steel Baffle
    • that has a 10 year warranty
  • Extremely high efficiency @ 72%
    • means it burns a ton of wood less per year than other wood heaters
  • Very low emissions
    • only 1grm – meaning it smokes 1/2 as much as other wood heaters
  • Fully firebricked lined
    • stays hotter longer
  • MASSIVE 7″ / 225mm air control adjustment
    • this heater is soo easy to control
  • Cast Iron Door
    • and the door handle locks tight for security

The Neo can be installed into existing chimneys : or for new homes, an optional Zero Clearance Box is available ( no chimney needed )



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Firebox Dimensions

  • Height 546mm
  • Width 383mm
  • Depth 508mm

Fascia Dimensions

  • Height 724mm
  • Width 1016mm


  • Heats 250+m2
  • Efficiency 72%
  • Emissions 1grm
  • Burn Time 12+ hours


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