There is no substitute – the ESSE Ironheart is one impressive wood stove

100% made in England, the Ironheart is much loved by those who have a passion for style and food

The large firebox is designed for Australian wood and takes a massive 18″ log. With a deep ash box, you only have to clean it out once a month.

The huge glass door not only allows you to see your fire, but it’s also perfect for heating up to 60 m2, on those hotter days, the ESSE Ironheart has a screen that clips on over the glass to trap the heat

The large single oven is deceptive, it’s deep and it cooks perfectly. All round heat ensures your food is cooked to perfection

The DogBone hotplate give you soo much hotplate to cook on, and the skillet design means adjusting your pots temperature is as easy as sliding the pots to the side

The stunning, and unique wound bolster lids (hot plate covers) gives your ESSE Ironheart a stylish and practical finish

The Ironheart is one stunning stove you will #love

With 2 models available;
Original ESSE Ironheart (with satin bolster lids)

ESSE Ironheart Deluxe (with chrome bolster lids and enamel top)


PRICE : $9,190.00

enquire now

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