The ESSE 990 wood stove is the best of the best.

It’s the cooking

The oven comes with 3 x ovens for the foodie that just #loves to bake

All 3 ovens operate at different temperatures allowing you to bake, slow cook and grill all at the same time

It’s the fire

The firebox is designed for Australian wood and takes up to a 16″ log no problems

It’s designed to burn all night long, you can expect 23 hours on a single load of wood, plus there is also a glass door that allows you to heat your kitchen and be romanced by the flames

It’s clean

The ESSE 990 is the cleanest and most efficient cooker on the market

With 2 x catalytic after burners, your stove will burn clean.

This means that you will burn;

  • less wood
  • burns longer
  • and produces less smoke than all other wood stoves


PRICE : $14,190.00

enquire now

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