The largest Alderlea wood heater, the T6 is the solution for keeping large spaces warm and comfortable, even through long winter nights.

It’s crafted for maximum heating capacity, with Extended Burn Technology (EBT) for all-night burn times, and features a family-sized cooktop and a huge glass window.

Like all Pacific Energy wood heaters the T6 is engineered and warrantied for a lifetime of wood heat comfort

100% made in Canada, this heater is nothing but exceptional in the style, finish and performance


The Alderlea T6 comes with Pacific Energy’s Extended Burn Techology (or EBT2), which precisely regulates secondary airflow based on vacuum created by the chimney for a longer, cleaner, more economical burn…

and it comes with one of the best warranty

  • 10 Year warranty on the firebox
  • 10 Year warranty on the baffle (the only heater that warrants the baffle for 10 years )
  • Lifetime warranty on the enamel finish
  • 3 year warranty on everything else, including glass….

Perfect for the medium to larger size home, the Alderlea T6 will heat up to 280m2

AND its guaranteed to burn all night long, over 12 hours of burn time on a full load of wood


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  • Height – 756mm
  • Width – 749mm
  • Depth – 730mm
  • Weight – 265kg


  • Rear – 175mm
  • Side – 250mm
  • Corner – 150mm


  • Efficiency – 64%
  • Emissions – 1.1Grms
  • Heating – 290m2
  • Burn time – 12+ Hours

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